jueves, 2 de noviembre de 2017

4ESO. Video questions.

Cómo se hizo la Tierra.

In pairs or small groups, answer these questions about the video you watched in class. Send your answers via email to ireneby@gmail.com with the names of the students.

If you haven't watched it yet, copy the questions in your notebook, to aswer them in class next week, when watching it.

1. What causes the crust solidification?
2. What is the water in our planet's origin?
3. Why was the sea green 400 0m.y. ago?
4. Why was the atmosphere red coloured?
5. What was the origin of life according to some theories?
6. What organisms cause a higher concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere?
7. What is the first supercontinent's name?
8. What is the first great glaciation?
9. What caused the end of the great glaciation?
10. What did a higher concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere mean for living things?
11. What helped the spread of rainforests all around the planet in the dinosaurs' era?
12. What are the consequences oficina the joining together of north and south america continents because of the magma expelled?
13. How will be Neopangea formed?
14. How would our planet die definitely?

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