lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2016

Food and nutrition exercises.

Check the Nutritional values tables, and complete the exercises sheet. Calculate the nutritional value of the following meal, according to the foodstuff consumed.

Measure the variations in the nutritional value, for each case:
1) Rita removes meat and vegetables.
2) Antonio eats everything but chickpeas.
3) Marisa eats double portion of bacon.
*Notice that data tables give you quantities per 100g of product.

Choose FIVE foods in your kitchen, and write down its components (such as foodstuff, percentages, calories…), and the additives found in them.

Complete the chart with this information (at least on 5 products), as the example shown, and think about the effects of its consumption.
Product Popcorn
Trade Palomitas microondas sal Hacendado
Components Corn, palm oil and sunflower oil, salt.
Additives Emulsifier E-471, antioxidants E-306 and E-304

Other interesting webs.
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Organización Mundial de la Salud.
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